J.A. Apprenticeship is an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where Newbie Employee can be developed and prepared their future careers and obtain paid work experience, on-the-job training, professional recognized credentials.

Start your career and build your skillsets through apprenticeship

What is Apprenticeship program?

Apprenticeship Program represents a valuable investment in the skills that can put entry level work force on a proven path to match with the organization’s labor demand after certain duration and ready to work.

How Apprenticeship Benefits Your Career?

Three main obstacles facing job choice

Why Apprenticeship Matters?

Three main ways that J.A. Apprenticeship can be helped new entry levels for a firm career start and valuable contributions to organizations

J.A. Apprenticeship Approach

Apprenticeship is a supportive and inspirational relationship based on trust and mutual respect, and benefits accrue to win-win connections.

J.A. Apprenticeship Engine tie key knots for a great start of career path growth

How It Works

J.A. Experts connects like-mined individuals who have strong sense of passion and career achievement with the existing demanded organizations to promote apprenticeship as a first-choice career option for the fresher in white-collar workforce.

For Applicants
– Paid jobs
– Real-time experience
– High-demand facilitators/ mentors
– Work essential fulfillment
– Network development
– Redefine career roadmap
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For Corporates
– Skilled workforce
– Positive impact to your bottom line results
– Reduce turnover rate and save hiring costs
– Customizable training programs
– Diversity culture boosting
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