J.A. Passport to Success provides new hires those are entering the workforce with an incomplete set of skills with a MUST-HAVE KIT that enables them to be qualified- enough employees to join the era of Digitalized Work Class.

Preparing Young People for the Competitive World of Work

What Is J.A. Passport-2-Success?

A notebook reflects ability of newbie workforce through a set of skills that will help them stay in the labor game while enhancing their competencies and readiness for successful employment.
The notebook is enhanced by the input of “6 Essentials to Work as a Pro” that a professional employee must have in this digitalized world of work.

How does J.A. Passport-2-Success Boost your Company’s Confidence in Hiring?

Three outstanding ways that J.A. Passport-2-Success can be helped in acquiring qualified-enough-to-do employees visioning effective workforce in near future

J.A. Passport-2-Success Approach

J.A. Passport is not the certification completion but The Glocalized Worker’s Notebook that reveals unlocked values of people capability to deliver high performance.
The Passport is the journey witness of learning based on the combination of the two inputs: 1 – DNA of efficient employees and 2 – personality and inherent nature of individual through the Nature Exploration Test.

6 Essentials to Work as a Pro hallmarks with qualified skills of (1) goal seeking; (2) smart communication; (3) healthy work-style; (4) workplace success; (5) entrepreneurial mindsets; and (6) self-improvements for professional growth.

‘6 Essentials to Work as a Pro’ pyramid ladder

How It Works

J.A. analyzes the nature of newbies and decides the appropriate training methods to equip them with set of must have skills called 6 Essentials to work as a Pro.
The qualified assessed employees from this trail of learning commit for a rapid adaptation and higher performance at work.

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