How to make your employees on-boarding program strategic and effective with the 60-90-120 formula for better new hire engagement, productivity and retention.

Strategic On-boarding Program supports your firm establish a process that properly welcomes, integrates, educates and assimilates each new hire into the organization.

What Assist Your Organization with Tailored On-boarding Scheme?

Boarding to Success supports your firm to establish a process that properly welcomes, integrates, educates, and assimilates each new hire into the organization.

How Boarding-to-Success Boost your Business Performance?

Set your team up for successes with a simple and polished implementation and training route.

Three outstanding ways that J.A. Strategic On-boarding can be helped to achieve great individual performance and retention from the very first start

J.A. Strategic On-boarding Approach

Boarding Game with the arrow towards the circle or the wrong destination critically depends on the very beginning step of on-boarding a newbie.
J.A. Boarding to Success Program accompanies with the organization to transform a Starter to Flyer that will add the wealth-creating values to a firm. A powerful framework and close tracking mechanism are set to engage the talents with business stakeholders.

How It Works

The well-established process is designed in a strong consistency with the nature of on-boarding process to ensure the right understanding to your situations and the most beneficial and appropriate outcomes being achieved.

6S Process for the thorough design and implementation of intensive on-boarding schemes

6S Process is designed to:
Step 1 – Kick-off Meeting
Our team will meet with your key stakeholders to align on your goals, current processes, important KPIs and timeline to discover the best course moving forward.
Step 2 – Process Walkthrough
We’ll dive deep into how the process walkthrough, covering any concern with existing procedure, authority, workflow and more.
Step 3 – Mapping & Customization
In order to match your branding, theme and desired experience, we’ll discuss custom options for your solution.
Step 4 – Finalizing Setups
You’ve provided the info, now we set up your roadmap. Weekly check-ins keep you informed and allow us to work through any questions that may come up.
Step 5 – Facilitator-Led Training Session(s)
You will receive a custom training deck and video for your organization, and our training team will run virtual or on-site sessions with your team.
Step 6 – Post-launch Observation
Success Observation Meetings – For the first month after launch, we’ll have a Observation Meeting with your Training Manager/ Coordinator twice for assessment and revision.

J.A. Strategic On-boarding Scheme will be ready at your desk by approaching our experts at