How to keep smooth transition in hand-over before maternity leave?

Every female working people may experience this special leave during her career, keeping it smooth allows yourself more space and convenience to walk in and out.

An open talk with your manager is highly recommended at least before you start your hand-over plan. Structured hand-over plan is critical to follow up. Absolutely you don’t expect your team/client touch you in your leave, well preparation can prevent these un-necessities.

  • Clearly follow-up structure with highlighted tasks and contacts
  • ‘Easy to find’ filling control
  • Official notice to stakeholders (internal team, partner, clients) which is clear information before and after your leave
  • Thank-you mail should be sent to your supporting team

Please note that you totally have right to take full rest and focus on your newborn babies before you are officially back to work. Some of us underestimate the handover and wait until the last day at work. That, consequently, missing things for sure will happen.

Implementing 4W-1H Plan in the handover week will be constructive. 

Feel free to task for support because you are allowed and your team expect that you have full time to recover after giving birth while being ready to back to work.

Written by Jasmine, L. – MD, Consultancy & Development of J.A. Experts
J.A. Coverings by J.A. Experts
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam