J.A. Learning helps organizations prioritize learning areas with strategic focus and suitable actions of Human Capital Management (HCM) practices to boost up business growth.

Aligning with growth needs, capabilities of human capital will be assessed and improved through appropriate learning design.
Either open or corporate programs, it is to discover the power of qualified HCM aligning Business Growth.

How about the space of Human Capital driving Growth in Business?

An intensive package of 6 compositions addressing organizational practices for selecting, acquiring and retaining, managing and developing, matching and optimizing, co-creating and maximizing individual and business values.

HCM driving Growth in Business Growth
* Qualified People Attraction and Retention

Consistent and Rational Human Resource Structure, Titles and Pay
Strategic Workforce Planning – Talent Acquisition – On-boarding for High Retention
Talent Management & Retention
Career and Succession Planning & Management

* Performance Management, Management and Values

Human Capital Balanced Scorecard
Performance Management & Human Capital Value Proposition
Employer Brand Value
Human Capital Index

* Rewards & Recognition

Rewards Schemes and Programs
Benefits Schemes and Programs
Recognition Schemes – Financial and Non-financial
Short-term and Long-term Incentives

* Organizational Strategic Capability Development

Human Capital Structure and Capability
Knowledge Management, Learning & Development
International Mobility, Diverse Workforce and Global Mindset
Leadership Development

* Institutionalized Process & Organizational Culture

Organizational Alignment and Ownership Structure
Working Styles & Conditions, Ways of Engagement
Working Process, Technology and HR-related Risks
Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility

* Knowledge-Skill-Ability to Maximize Efficiency at Work

TECH-POWER: Unlock Kit of High Performance
COM-POWER: Power of Smart Communication
FEW-POWER: Magic of Self-Efficiency

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