Leadership & Teamwork: Facilitation role of the leader

Vast availability of discussions on teamwork and leadership shows the importance of these two practices on success of businesses. Successful team-based performance is generated from individual recognition and team leadership.

Team has its unique and temporary lifetime; however, teamworking spirit is the inherent part of organizational value. With team working morale, team-based activities are nurtured and maintained in the most positive and influential mode for high performance in a specific period of teams. Generally, the connection of teamwork and team leadership could be reflected as an engine of ensuring team confidence, collaboration and effectiveness upon the dynamics of team through several means of coaching, promotion of learning and adaptation, context-based management, proper leadership style, dynamic task delegation, supervision, sharing of leading role among members, etc. Since teamwork is the illustration of working capacity and employees’ working morale, it is important to have the right leverage of their strengths and weaknesses to achieve the highest level of team cohesion, interdependence, and cooperation in producing the best quality of offerings.

Facilitation role of team leadership

Teamwork is not simply built up within the scope of each team at each time period; but it is the organizational value being permeated and maintained by the role of team leaders with suitable leadership style at organizational level. Organizational institution creates appropriate conditions for leaders to deal with several stressors and barriers from differences and diversities of team members that constrain smooth flows of teamwork harmony. It is not only the technique but the diligence of leaders in arts of understanding individuals and know how to use capabilities of each members in suited cases and interdependent modes. Only when their potentials are maximized and capabilities are placed in the suitable stance, performance is achieved at peak.

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Written by April, T. – MD of Strategic Planning & Expansion of J.A. Experts
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