Supervision & Personal Effectiveness in Team

Duration: 03 days
Language: Vietnamese
Level: First-line Management and Up

A great team with high performance needs supports from an effective team leader through rational supervision and management techniques.
It is essential to acquire a team of people who are technically skilled. And, sufficiently, to be successful, individuals must understand and value the significance of team dynamics. Team supervision and management is the art of achieving outcomes through other people, and to do that you need first-rate supervision skills. The role of supervisor/ managers is to do both: supervise/ manage business functions while leading people. They act as the link between management and line staff, and impact on the bottom-line through daily actions.

Key Learning Principles and Objectives
– A great vision and right people are the two essential pillars for success; yet, how to lead them to work consistently as a team addressing common goals through different stages of development is the critical condition.
– Supervision asks for the right balance of different views and the adoption of management style that suits for specific contexts and settings.

This program equips you with intensive and practical understanding on the multi-facets of managing team to build a cohesive and high-performing people working together. This cohesion helps mitigating challenges and conflicts along way.
+ Learn the key supervision and management skills: communication, motivation and delegation.
+ Identify techniques to adapt your communication and management style to suit different personalities.
+ Master on how to apply appropriate management skills to different situations when dealing with staff.
+ Learn to give positive and constructive feedback to your team members

Learning Benefits
By the end of the in-class learning session, you will be able to:

  • Recognize key personalities of your team members
  • Know that your team is in which stage of team development
  • Know how communicate effectively with team members based on individual differences
  • Know how to delegate tasks that fit with members’ capability and moment situations
  • Improve your management skills while implement better your plans/ projects
  • Understand the implications of team supervision and management
    Know how to motivate and improve performance of your team at a reasonable mean.

Who is it for?
Do you have to manage a team? Do you have some subordinates? Are you the lead of a project? Are you a supervisor of a department? Are you a manager of a function?
This program is for:
+ First-line managers including supervisors, team leaders, group leads
+ Management level who are interested in improving team supervision skills
+ Project leads who have to delegate tasks across projects
+ Anyone who are interested in team supervision and management
+ Company demands: improve team performance/ overcoming frustration in team formulation and management

Program Overview


Effective Communication
Speaking – Questioning – Listening skills
Key actions for effective communication
Effective communication model
Feedback experience & effects of feedback
Give positive feedback
Feedback framework
Managing Performance
Diagnosing development needs – Setting realistic performance expectations: OCD model
Managing performance conversations – DCOM model to analyse performance gaps
Personal development plan tracker: PDP framework, Employee development plan
SMARTER principles and IDEALS steps
Leading a team
Managing yourself: Contribution model
Leadership style to get results: Leadership style as development stage of individuals
Managing a team and team formation
Mastering conflict


Understanding Emotional Intelligence: general knowledge
General understanding on Emotional Intelligence and its effects on results
DISC showing personality and emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence in team development & personal effectiveness
Values and behavioral disciplines of teams
Management of team relationship by giving and receiving feedback
Leading the team with emotional intelligence to win tasks

Request this Program In-house
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