[Discussion] Which is best replacement solution for “employment pause” in your organization?

Organization might face on challenges when they lack resource or need addtional staff in specific time or projects. To ensure the smooth operation despite unexpected event such as maternity leave, accident, sickness, training leave, Hr Department has to fill the missing gab as soon as possible by internal replacement or hiring temp labor outside the organization.The higher the outgoing employee’s level of responsibility, the more complex the challenge.

Filling a temporary, entry-level position in a well-supplied field isn’t terribly tough. But for senior or specialized roles—positions that are hard to fill in the first place—temporary hires are practically unheard of. Using internal replacement solution means work gets shunted onto other members and your balanced structure may become imbalanced once they go overloaded or you have to accept the same same quality of work.

Additionally, bringing temps on the scene can soothe work distribution issues, especially if the newcomers are reliable, quick learners. But are they still available on the market at the same time we need? Moreover nature of temp is having less commitment and always looking for more secured employment. What happen when they pull out, you may be scrambling and steping back to the start line with double time and cost.

Each solution has its own pros and cons, the employer need to find an approriate solution to ensure the continuity of operation or to maximize the resource. How is about hiring an Temporary Professional Provider those brings the best match talents and quality assurance for your business in the circumtance? Find a good one, you will release your administrative burden and focus on your business goal’s achievement

Written by Jasmine, N. – MD, Consultancy & Development of J.A. Experts

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