[Discussion] Decode your talent| Numerology and How it helps in HR?

How does Numerology help in Human Resource Management

Personality trait tests are nothing new to Human Resources, with many used to vet employees to ensure they are hiring the right person for a correct fit. Someone can change their answers to a question or change the way they react to an situation and that’s not as easy with their inborn factors.

What is Numerologyand any help to talent resource?

Numerology, a mathematical science, tells us about the potentials, inborn talents, drawbacks, challenges, dreams, aspirations, output capacity, basic character, nature, behaviour and the overall positive and negative patterns of a person. 

It also is used to unlock a map of a person including their personality by decoding the date of birth using specialized sequencing to reveal traits and individual characteristics. If numerology can outline the inborn or acquired potentials & talents of a person how easy would it be to select the right person for the available post or job.

For sure, a person who has it in them to do a certain kind of job and is passionate about it will end up being more productive in a short span. While other who is not fit for the job in spite of their degrees, and the passion or talent lies elsewhere will do it out of no choice and hence the productivity, creativity & punctuality needed will end up being of a lower quality.

For example, a person fits for marketing will not be able to do accounts with the same result. The longer time they are in the wrong position brings worse outcomes for them and relevants parties.

How Numerology help us to understand our team better?

Career analysis and relationship analysis is the most popular queries as they are what run our lives at a ver basic level. We all work in a team even if it is employer or employee. How a person will behave with others is more important than knowing how good the person will be at the job stated. Whether it is the boss or colleagues. A relationship analysis can be done on how the person needs to tackle the boss or the boss needs to tackle that particular employee to get the best and maximum output from them. It definitely becomes difficult to do a relationship analysis with each member of the staff. 

It will be very helpful if we can apply knowledge of numerology at the basic level to understand more about our teamtheir natures, their strengths and weaknesses, their behavior, positive and negative patterns for proper arrangement and also maximizing their best uses of talents. 

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Written by Jas., L

Managing Director of J.A. Experts