[M.O Power] 4 Reasons why MS Office is important for business

Cost Savings

Microsoft recognizes small businesses rely on technology as a strategic business asset. MS Office creates a paperless environmentand easy to access for the working environment inside each business organizations

Basic Financial Management

MS Excel is a strong resource for accounting processing and procedures.Small and mid-sized organizations make use of MS Excel spreadsheet software for carrying out their accounting activities. They can create a basic accounting program or checkbook ledger that allows them to keep a track of the organization’s financial transactions.Office Excel surpasses manual, paper-based spreadsheets in terms of ease of use and accuracy.

Collaborative Work

Today’s business environment demands the sharing of data, mobile technology and speedy communication. Microsoft provides tools enabling businesses to be productive and communicate effectively regardless of location. Outlook serves as the portal for e-mail, tasks, calendar and contacts. Microsoft Office Live Workspace, boasting online storage space, enables users to save, access and share documents throughout the world. Mobile technology like smartphones, which supply the user with advanced computing options, allows you to stay connected to your business.

Data Driven Marketing Activities

Business establishments and organizations use MS Excel spreadsheet for storing contact information of their clients and customers. This information acts as a customer database for them and can make use of this information to contact their potential or current customers with proper campaigns

In conclusion, Microsoft Office has proven to be advantageous for day to day business activities. Mastering the knowledge of MS Office, especially how to explore it single working app and connected with other apps to boost up your business perfomance has become essential for different business establishment.

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By Jas, L – MD, Consulting & Development – J.A. Experts
HCMC Mar 17 2021