Our J.A. Experts

J.A. Experts evokes emotions, memories, personal charms, individual potentials, individual expectations in showing off themselves, etc. It is to transform people’s ability to working competences by which explores road to build up performance and effectiveness for business growth. This way, J.A. Experts empowers individuals, organizations and business networks to increase their positive impacts on economic and social life.

Our Story & Spirit

The inspiration that we breath and work in our J.A. Experts Culture

Story does have to start with ‘once upon a time’ and ends with a happy ending. Sometimes, story could begin with a painful top note and end with a musky passion in creating something-value note.

J.A. Experts tells the story of passionate people who work hard and harder to improve themselves and then, creating a transformative paradigm with positive influences.

It is the journey to find inspiration in exploring the self of people – the What and the Why people work and how the work is performed.

It came to the stance when we come with each other by the attraction of intellects, expertise-based sharing, and individual power of internal strengths in this amazing world.

We decide to convey our experimental and emotional cognitions into practical pieces of thoughts and activities which could be helped for others.

J.A. Experts is a sensorial journey being fulfilled by individual intellects with the charming of knowledge  the beauty of human capability  the sexy of human cocreation for mastery  and many sneak peeks 

Our Mission & Vision​

The Passion we breathe with and strive for at our J.A. Experts

We are keen on waking up the potential with emotional connections and common senses between individuals so more people can reach their apexes of efficiency at work.

Bring up working morale and professional skills for internal forces of organizations.​

  • The brand to reveal efficiency and sophisticated attributes of human capital for business growth.
  • The mentor of working people in the journey of efficiency achievement as high-performing talents.
  • The companion of organizations in the pipeline of obtaining and developing unique human capital.
  • Offer practical activities with DNA of an efficient working people
  • Offer premium and tailored facilitations to build up qualified human capital for business growth through consulting & learning activities for organizations.
  • Create a new insight of working quality based on experimental knowledge, on-going experiences, and practical implications to create long-lasting effects on both individuals and organizations.

Brand Value

Brand values are the fundamental of a sustainable and thriving J.A. Experts culture. They encompass the effective interaction of our teams with one another, with clients’ issues, with individual expectations and with our partners.


Our internal value is “Be Unique to Your Self” which brings fun-loving and efficiency-advocating team of diverse and authentic personalities. We have shared the ambition in exploring people’s internal capability as the root inspiration of performance growth and effectiveness.

More than thought possible ever, we find ways to produce transformative paradigms with ROI for clients.

We are differentiated since we use experiential goals, living by our ambition and investing into successes of our clients and friends.

We know that we’ll be your right partner in the roadmap of striving for more persuasive performance.

Our Approach & Methodology

The way that we create Transformative Paradigms to bring up the growth

We work with uniqueness of frameworks for developing human capital addressing the growth, applying

Frameworks & best practices from studies & workplaces
Insights of clients/expectations of individuals
To co-create sustainable & effectiveness driven culture through human capital as the powerful lever
Through means of
  • Business-oriented result frameworks
  • Sharing engagements
  • Consulting-Coaching [2C Base]
  • Learning sessions + Workshops
  • Observation of development
  • Metrics + Tools + S.M.A.R.T outcomes
Our Approach
  • ‘WHY’ triggering the upgrade process
  • ‘OBJECTIVE & GOAL’ leading the way of development
  • Organizational Development starts with the Development of Internal Forces

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