[M.O Power] Data Story Telling: what and why?

[M.O Power] Data storytelling: What and why?

What is Data Storytelling?

Data storytelling is a technique that transforms available data into a storyin a simple, concise way. It combines data visualization formats (such as graphs, charts, animated maps, and so

[discussion] Strategic Workforce Planning: What to Learn?

Finding out where the organization is standing and its readiness in implementing and sustaining workforce planning is the initial critical step to start the SWP process. The preparation is not only skills and competences, but the alignment of functional strategies

[M.O Power] why Excel till matters in the workplace

[M.O Power] Why Excel till matters in the workplace?

Reason Why Excell till matters in the workplace?

Microsoft Excel was released in 1985 and has grown to become arguably the most important computer program in workplaces around the world. Excel is

[discussion] Strategic Workforce Planning: What & Why

Broadly, organizations have thousands of reasons to pursue Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP), especially in the current ever-changing business context. It provides for management with a strategic tool on the basis of making human-related decisions, addressing a high performing organization model

Workplace Flexibility and Employee Engagement: the inter-connection

Workplace Flexibility and Employee Engagement: the inter-connection

By affecting both behaviors and attitude of employees, workplace flexibility has the power in bringing up satisfaction level of employees who are enjoying the availability of flexible work arrangements. Flexible work arrangements are