[M.O Power] Data Story Telling: what and why?

[M.O Power] Data storytelling: What and why?

What is Data Storytelling?

Data storytelling is a technique that transforms available data into a storyin a simple, concise way. It combines data visualization formats (such as graphs, charts, animated maps, and so

[M.O Power] why Excel till matters in the workplace

[M.O Power] Why Excel till matters in the workplace?

Reason Why Excell till matters in the workplace?

Microsoft Excel was released in 1985 and has grown to become arguably the most important computer program in workplaces around the world. Excel is

Talent Management & Engagement

Sustaining Your Talent Pool while Meeting Business Requirements

Duration: 24 hrs
Language: Vietnamese
Level: First-line Management and Up
Methodology: the mixture of theoretical and practical discussions with interactive group-works, visible templates and tools

In today business context where competitive advantage

Team Development & Management

Supervision & Personal Effectiveness in Team

Duration: 03 days
Language: Vietnamese
Level: First-line Management and Up

A great team with high performance needs supports from an effective team leader through rational supervision and management techniques.
It is essential …

Human Capital aligned Business Growth: How would be?

J.A. Learning helps organizations prioritize learning areas with strategic focus and suitable actions of Human Capital Management (HCM) practices to boost up business growth.

Aligning with growth needs, capabilities of human capital will be assessed and improved through appropriate learning …


The Power of an Efficient Performer at Work

An Integral Part of KSA to Maximize Efficiency at Work

TECH-POWER: Unlock Kit of High Performance
COM-POWER: Power of Smart Communication
FEW-POWER: Magic of Self-Efficiency

Fitting the learning as your needs by …